Beautiful paper bags, designed and made just for you

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Beautiful, quality bags with comfortable handles are a great investment. The minimum purchase order is 500 pieces, but we’re sure you’ll want more.

How is a unique promotional bag created?

Together, we'll choose the perfect paper


We'll create a unique design

Or you can provide your own design. We supply bags in all possible sizes, as well as customized sizes.

We'll print and adjust the paper

We can do various types of printing and lamination. We also offer debossing, embossing, and metallic foils.

We'll give you some samples

To put your mind at ease, we can print samples for you on different types of paper before producing a larger quantity.

We'll pack the bags and deliver them to you, always on time


Would you like beautiful bags?

Yes, definitely!
Our bags
The perfect bag for you Glossy, matte, textured, or pearl paper bags - there are plenty of options. Together, we'll figure out which design suits your needs.
Choose from a variety of handles We have swatches with a large selection of cords and ribbons used to make bag handles. We can also glue the ribbons inward to avoid visible knots on the outside of the bags.
Elegant elements Want to add a touch of luxury? Choose an embossed or debossed logo. Combined with metallic foil, your bags won't be overlooked.
Size according to contents Need bags for jewellery, wine, or winter jackets? We stock over 100 different sizes for you to choose from. Or we can make a bag with custom dimensions.
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