We make awesome promotional products & apparel

But that’s not all. We also make the process as convenient as possible for you to select and purchase gift packages, printed materials, event equipment, and other promotional products for your business or event.
We live for creating unique, high-quality promotional products.
efficient approach that saves you time

Practical ideas

We're inventive and we love timeless designs that support the strength of your brand. Yet, creativity must never overtake purpose, which is why we design merchandising that your employees, partners, and clients will continue to use.

Investing in yourself

With our products, you invest in your brand. We sell your business identity through quality products. The last thing you want to do is present yourself in an undignified way. That’s why we are dedicated to quality and always avoid cheap-looking products.

We talk with you

We understand that you want to have a complete overview of the whole project. We have simplified the implementation process to make it as transparent as possible. We won’t waste your time, but we’ll keep you in the loop through the content and technical aspects of the project.

Quality and speed

We invent new solutions, simplify quotations, and perform traditional advertising at a higher technical standard. We like challenges and we take the area of keyrings, pens, and mugs to the next level. Our products look great and are affordable, too!

Step-by-step collaboration

We’re flexible. If you have special requests, fixed deadlines, or any other requirements, we will accommodate you. Give us a call, we'll make it happen.
happy customers keep coming back for more

Promotional items

We can deliver just 20 pieces or 100s of pieces. We stock tens of thousands of low-cost, high-end products and have all the technologies for printing readily available.
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Custom products & sets

Tailor-made & unique

If you're looking for something extra, we can design unique promotional items such as board games, jewellery, or home gadgets.
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We have a wide selection of clothing and accessories from many different brands. We have the tools to handle classic prints, embroidery, and all-over prints.
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Sports clothing & accessories

Sports equipment is a great opportunity to promote your brand. Whether it's cycling jerseys, running shirts, or socks, quality is always our top priority.
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Gift boxes

Christmas, anniversaries, and company parties - there are plenty of opportunities to give away gifts. Would you like gifts with food? Personalized content? Or are you looking for unique packaging? We can arrange for it all.
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Dedicated gifts

Employer branding

Welcome your new employees with a unique welcome pack that shows off your company’s values and personality. Reassure your new-comers that they’ve chosen a company that cares.
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I want a dedicated gift box

Graphic design

We have experienced graphic designers on our team who can handle even the most complicated assignments. Thanks to them, we can deliver original graphic designs for any product.
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Corporate identity design

To ensure you don't drown in a sea of competition, we'll help you differentiate yourself with a unique design. Catch the eye of your target audience at first sight.
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why we do it

We started in 2020 because we saw a hole in the market. Ugly and poor quality products, along with outdated offers and complicated calculations were annoying and difficult to work with. So, we decided to do this business differently.


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